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Matt James and Tyler Cameron founded ABC Food Tours to create experiences for New York city students facing challenges in food insecurity and adversity at home. They have exposed them to positive role models for healthy lifestyles, professional careers, and arts leadership. So far, ABC Food Tours has taken over 1,500 students on more than 30 tours. These experiences can take many forms, like the one where Tyler took students from PS 188 (a public school in the Lower East Side) on a field trip to Chopt after spending a day at their school.

Looking forward, ABC has formalized a not-for-profit business model that continues to produce great experiences for underserved students around the world. These sustainable programs will create lasting impacts as the experience engine of ABC Food Tours churns out more opportunities and partnerships.

A few of our more recent partnerships have been with Dos Toros, Chopt, Founders Table, and Voss Water. Founders Table donated over 4,800 meal vouchers and over $72,000 in meals for students and families. This partnership also donated a percentage of sales day for ABC Food Tours.

Another recent partnership such as that of Voss Water and PS 34 (another public school in the Lower East Side) has supplied thousands of underprivileged individuals with clean drinking water during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We are so grateful for your contribution and support. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are working extra hard to provide food and fun for students working hard in school. Corporate partners have been the backbone to the program so far by working with us to create bespoke initiatives for students. Support can mean more than a dollar amount.

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